Welcome Home

Welcome Home !

ICU Ayahuasca is a place to come back home. Our retreats with medicine plant Ayahuasca are named “Remember who you are ” no for no reason.  
When you take your journey in life, one day you might wake up and ask: “who am I ?”,
“What is life all about?”, “What is my purpose in this life?”.
We here, in ICU Ayahuasca going to guide you in finding this answers, answers that hide inside you…in the essence of your BE-IN-G.

in Love & Light ♥

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 Retreats in  2019 :

weekend retreat (2,5 days, max. 5 people)                                                                                  
see Information: https://icuayahuasca.com/the-retreatr/

  • 15-17 November
  • 13-15 December


( with email enquiry to avigdorbeker@hotmail.com )




Ayahuasca retreat 2,5 days

Registration-to reserve your place.



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