♥ Ayahuasca Manifesto-The Spirit of Ayahuasca and its Planetary Mission ♥
It is time to embrace Humanity with my healing, extending beyond the Amazon basin, reaching global expansion, spreading through all the soils of tropical climates, growing in every forest, in every sidewalk, in every house garden. Care about me, harvest me, spread me around.
Warriors of Light from Around the World……
Help Me To Help You !”  

♥ How A spiritual Practice Support Ayahuasca in Personal Healing ♥
“An incredible, potentially life-changing journey begins when one has decided to work with ayahuasca. As the curandero who I work with often says, the journey doesn’t end after your first ayahuasca experience, but rather has only just begun.
The insights into one’s self and the nature of this mysterious life we live as gleaned from even a single ayahuasca experience can be wholly transformative. Psychological belief structures, which underly detrimental behavior patterns, may come crumbling down in the light of higher awareness engendered by ayahuasca.                                                        
This sacred medicine can bring one into direct contact with one’s higher self, or spirit, which consequently facilitates the deep healing often encountered by ayahuasca users. It is as if the medicine allows for one’s habitual mental state and tendencies to be temporarily suspended so that a more profound state of being not normally accessible in our day-to-day lives can be accessed.”  

♥ Ayahuasca Shows Promise in Treating Addiction and PTSD ♥
“taking ayahuasca in a proper setting mimics the therapeutic benefits of psychotherapy, helping sufferers eliminate bad habits, release traumatic memories, and adopt a healthier and more purposeful life.”

♥ Therapeutic and Health Benefits of Psychedelics ♥
“One of the ways psychedelics work is by reducing our psychological defenses. They allow the person to become aware of uncomfortable feelings and thoughts so they can come to the surface and be therapeutically processed. Nobody knows exactly how these things work, but there may be some kind of hard rewiring that goes on in the brain. They may increase neuroplasticity — make the neurons more susceptible to forming new connections.” – Dr. David Presti, UC Berkeley

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