The Retreat

♥ Ayahuasca retreat- Re-Member who you are

Deep & Intense transformation 2,5 days Ayahuasca retreat with Breathwork & 2x Ayahuasca ceremony.. .  small group (max 4 people).

Together we Create a field of energy ( The field ) that guide us to the essence of who we really are…in releasing old energy of life experiences and energy we carry from our family lines ( mother and father, up to 28 generations backwards ).
In this 2,5 days of deep transformation, with loving full environment and shamanistic atmosphere..all is needed is you surrender to the magic of the divine love, the unconditional love of the Great Mother Ayahuasca and our BE-IN-G.

retreat description:
1st day midday: connection, breathwork
2de day: 1st Ayahuasca ceremony
3th day : 2de Ayahuasca ceremony / integration.
also : rapé, Mapacho, walking in nature, inner talk, inner child healing.
retreat is in English.

Location: near Rotterdam, the Netherlands

investment :
retreat : 600 euro
lodge : 15 euro per night (p.p)

Registration: ( to reserve your place)         

Ayahuasca retreat 2,5 days

Registration-to reserve your place.


100 € in advance trought PayPal
(using the link :
or my email: )

or transfer to my bank account:
NL49 INGB 0705 2505 39
bic bank: INGBNL2A
name: A.Beker

tel: +31 6 24241006



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