Unconditional love – my healing with Ayahuasca (Avigdor)

 Unconditional love 
Since my first Ayahuasca journey back in 2011, there were lots of moments of healing. 
Still if I look back on my journey with mother Ayahuasca ( and on my life) it is all touch the unconditional love.
I lost my mother unconditional love at the age of 6.
Being, what I understand now, too spiritual for that time, she was experience visions, voices in her head and messages that she got.  She could not control the energy that came through her and lost her balance. My father, very simple man could not handle it and left it to the doctors.
At the age of 6 I saw, in front of my eyes how the 2 brothers with white clothes grabbing her to the ambulans…
When she came back…full of drugs…she was never been the same again.
That is the moment I lost …the unconditional love. 

I was looking for it all my life…mostly in relationships with woman, but also in every contact with people.

When my wife got sick with cancer, back in 1995, I knew I need to do different. We started a journey together- living with cancer and did everything together. We also involve our children’s in this process with information and support.
Still, after 12 years ( witch she found the love in herself) she past over.  

The first Ayahuasca in 2011 gave me the opportunity to feel it again…when I was supported by a 60 years old woman with white hair talking my head in her hands…just looking at me…and I  found again the feeling of unconditional love…

4 years later in 2015, after many healing journey’s, I made an dubbel ceremony ( at my birthday…) and got the most beutifull gift:
To feel and accept the unconditional love…in myself.

All what I was looking all my life outside myself …was all the time in me…

I needed to let my girlfriend go…(as the mother showed me,and doing it from a place of love..) in able to be in full contact with myself…and to walk my life purpose:

Guiding others in their journey to find themselves …

Wisdom of life: first you have to see and feel how it should not be…in able to find how it should be and than to share it with the world.
( going from life lesson to life purpose) .

Today I work with mother Ayahuasca to guide others…

In love & light 




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