Feedback Bjorn – Ayahuasca retreat 4-6 january 2023

What does this Sacred Voyage gave you ? 

Insights about the lessons I needed the most. Letting go of fear and to just be who I am, on an even deeper and more loving way. During the ceremony I saw a lot of lifes that I’ve lived and during all these lifes I held in my tears. And now and during the ceremony I am able to let go of the tears that come with thee motions I embrace, experience or feel. 
Because of all this my intention:”trusting life out of trust in myself.” Fully came out and I;ve never experienced more truts, love, abundance. Connection, happiness and peace to be myself. Whether it;s vulnerable or less vulnerable, I’m more able to show it and “just” embrace it out of acceptance. 

How did you like the setting (space / atmosphere etc.) ?: 

I love dit!!! It felt a sort of Ibiza, sanctuary and holy all at the same time. The other travelers and I shared and amazing connection of dept hand the guiders had such a loving, unconditional and warm energy. I felt completely safe to be, do and share as I felt. This was an overall feeling, during the welcome, the ceremony, in between and at the end, it was overall a loving, warm and connected atmosphere.  

Again, I love dit! 

How do you experience the Holotropic breathwork? 

Although I experienced it two times before, every time is a different experience. What Avi shared abuot already releasing a lot of energy before the Sacred voyage, is true! I felt it helped for the ceremony itself. I think the drawing part in an unconscious way after the breathwork is what I like the most and the insights you are able to get even afterwards. 

How did you find the guidance of Avi: 

Avi, the loving, universal dad, tribe-leader Avi. What a wonderfull man and person. He was such a powerful yet warm and kind guidance during the ceremony, before and in between. He gave me the much needed love and warmth of a father during one of the sessions and this all in a funny, loving and clear way.  

Thank you Avi!  Lots of Love ❤ 

How did you find the guidance of Arine : 

Arine also such a wonderful person and woman. From moment one I had a connection with her and we talked a lot in between the sessions. She guided me by telling the truth sometimes during one of our talks and in the sessions she wrote beautiful experiences she had that she could see in the participants. Like Avi was the universal father, Arine for me was the universal mother. Such a loving, warm and nurturing energy. Laying the blanket over our feet, drinks, food or what you could think of. For me it felt like, you got helped before you knew you even needed it! 

Such a blessing to meet you and thank you again! 

Lots of Love ❤ 

How did you experience the Intention & integration sessions with Eyal Beker? 

So far I did the intentionsession yet, the integration is next week. The session hlped me to make my intention more clear and positve. Before the session it was mostly about letting go and afterwards it was about trust in myself and the Universe/life. The whole shift was amazing that I felt with my intention afterwards. It were clear questions and where needed Eyal digged deeper to get clarity for both of us. It was cal mand loving at the same time and it definitely helped me before the ceremony and I’m sure it’ll do after the integrationsession. 

Definitely a recommendation for everyone who commits to do the Sacred voyage 

Do you have suggestions for improvement ?: 

Literally the only point I am able tot hink of is to make clear before we arrive where we all gather together. Now I went looking for a little while where everyone was, but this was a really small point and not really bad or something like that. I see it as a small improvement that can be made to be even more harmonic 

Space – if you want – to share a piece of your travel experience with us: 

I already shared a lot with you and that felt amazing to do, people that could understand me although they didn’t experience what i’ve experienced. At least different than I did. 

LOVE is all i feel like spreading ore towards you and the world, so again lots of thanks and lots of love!!! I look forward to see you both again ❤ 

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