Feedback Ayse- Retreat 4-6 january 2023

What does this Sacred Voyage gave you ?
This Sacred Voyage was a door opening myself up to my true authentic self and be in contact with who I really am, what I really want to do in life. It was a very new experience but also very familiar, as I felt like I was talking to someone I already know and trust – Mother Ayahuasca

How did you like the setting (space / atmosphere etc.) ?:
It was a calm, friendly and tranquil atmosphere, right in the middle of a beautiful forrest and lots of nature. The interior decoration and music were also very helpful in setting the mood. Some of us had met each other only then and there but it didn’t take too long for me to feel I’m in a safe space surrounded with love, light and trust.

How do you experience the Holotropic breathwork?
It was my first time and I must say it was a bit difficult in the beginning to keep up with the rhythmic and fast breathing which physically affected me strongly after a few minutes. I felt a lot of energy flowing through my limbs, especially arms and hand, and felt the need to move or shake them in order to get rid of the piled up bad energy that I’ve collected over the years. I bursted into tears at the end which felt like relief and de-charge.
How did

How did you find the guidance of Avi:
Avi is a warm, very broad minded and kind hearted, kindred spirit who’s knowledge and attitude gained my respect not too long after I met him. It was always very interesting to listen to his wise words and experiences that I could relate to and took a lesson out of for myself. He is very down to earth, knowledgable and has an open heart that makes him see and understand yourself in a new level.

How did you find the guidance of Arine :
Arine’s guidance was just as perfect as Avis’s. She was very welcoming with a motherly care and attention. A very generous and open heart to feel, know and share, has a very powerful aura that makes you trust and resonate with her in a very short time. Always attentive and very caring, giving. She had sensed what was going on with me in my trip and surprised me about how true that felt, without me knowing it beforehand.

Do you have suggestions for improvement ?:
You are great at what you’re doing already. Thank you soo very much for this opportunity.
Keep trusting yourself and “remember who you are” 🙂

Space – if you want – to share a piece of your travel experience with us:
I am so enormously grateful to have experienced this voyage. I know this was just a beginning but it was an opening to what I truly desire and have been seeking for so long. I’d definitely want to attend ceremonies with them again and explore more about myself, life and the meaning of everything.

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