Feedback Ingvild – Ayahuasca retreat 15-17 December 2017

“The weekend with you made a huge impression on me and the connection with you was so deep and special.I´m already looking forward to the next time I´ll se you again. “ Ingvild, Norway
What does this Sacred Voyage gave you ?
I don´t know exactly what it gave me, but as always it gives me a deeper and deeper feeling of love and connection to myself , my loved ones and to the world. The “sad part” is that the feeling disappears after a few days (mostly a week) but I´m starting to see more and more how I can get back to this feeling without the surroundings and the sacred ceremony
How did you like the setting (space / atmosphere etc.) ?:
It was perfect. I felt really at home, and I felt the space/atmosphere itself lifted my spirit to a higher level. I loved the setting.
How did you like the Sacred voyage 1st day? :
It was perfect, and I had a quiet and peaceful journey
How did you like the Sacred voyage 2de day? :
this day it was harder for me to drink the Ayahuasca. The body told me no, so I had no other choice than to listen. The journey was soft this time too, but I could feel her working with me.
How did you experience the Rape/ mapacho ?
This was amazing. I had never experienced this before, and I really liked it.
How did you find the guidance of Avi ? Ohhh, the best guidance ever. Avi is so loving and caring, and I really felt hes presence, wisdom and love all the time. Avi is amazing and I love him!
How did you find the guidance Of Renate ?
Renate is like an angle. She is soft, loving and caring and a sunshine in the sky.
Do you have suggestions for improvement ?:
Everything was perfect the way I see it. Nothing to improve.
Space – if you want – to share a piece of your travel experience with us:
Avigdor gave me a short guidance on how to connect with my inner child. I really felt her, and it was beautiful. I want to learn more about her/me. I´m looking forward to next time with you!
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